Plywood (Raw Plywood Boards)

This is a panel for using in furniture,  constructions and shipbuildings industry…

Being produced from the high quality wood logs such as Okoume, Tetra, Poplar, Birch, Beech, Ozigo, Oak etc…

The logs are steamed and sending the peeling machine, after peeling and obtaining the veneers that are long and short grains after seperating the thickness of the veneers, sending to the driying lines then seperating the grades for using on top and back surfaces and getting the cores for using the inside of the boards…

In the Plywood, layers must be odd numbers such 9, 11, 13 etc…Gluing the veneers,  with Fenolic and MR glues and Putting top to top such like first short and the second is long grain, then sending to the multiple hot pressing, after trimming and through the sanding line and quality control…

Sheet Size (mm)


2200 x 1700

3 mm

4 mm

5 mm

6 mm

8 mm

10 mm

12 mm

15 mm

18 mm

20 mm

Özel siparişlerde farklı ölçü ve kalınlıklarda üretim yapılmaktadır.