EKOkap ( Veneer Faced Eko-Chipboard Panels )

Above 50 different species Natural and Technical veneers are produced by our high technology slicing and staylog machines from the high quality steamed wood logs and blocks
After producing the veneers, they are being sent to the veneer driying lines to dry and provide the humidty %10-12, then sending to the veneer cutting machines to prepare the lenghts and widths for organizing the sewing lines, then starting the sewing by the hot press ruckle machines in order to make a layons according to the Low Density Chipboard panel dimmensions…After that, Layons are being seperated the qrades A, AB, B and Back Lining then sending to the German latest technology hot presses about two minutes then now ready to sanding and final quality control
Finally the goods are ready to packaging and shipping       

Sheet Size (mm)


2100 x 2800

18 mm