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In 1996, Kastamonu Integrated Inc. separated from the structure of the established in Gebze Yongapan Forest Products Inc. technical equipment, experienced staff and high quality production with the industry's leading organization was one of those areas in 1998, first in Turkey masifpanel production is carried out in 2002 under the floor to automatically add the soy and eccentric with a machine park, produced total quality management, customer appreciation was presented to.
100-year history with strong and deep-rooted tree industry and Kuriş Integrated Co. developing and changing needs of the sector, according to the manufacture and export of timber, construction of the project activities and appreciate the leadership structure of a century of business experience with his activities is continuing with success

"And Today .... Yongapan Inc. on 16/10/2007 In this era of machinery was transferred to the formation of the new Integrated Wood Industry and Trade Co. Kuriş product is YONGAPANEL. In this new formation (YONGAPANEL) were obtained in the past and the future high production quality consciousness in today Co. Kuriş Integrated tree industry and dynamic, young, fast team Yongapan Co. of technological machinery of the flag to move to higher investment and has adopted principles and objectives"
Integrated Wood Industry and Trade Co. Kuriş (YONGAPANEL) products

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Coated MDF Wood Sheets (MDFKAP)
Wood Chip Coated Sheet (YONKAP)
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Height add Lamel Woodpanel (WOODPANEL)
Height Lamel Woodpanel (LAMEL WOODPANEL)
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Door elements


Or half of logs cut the results last leaves of the wood-coating has been spent on modern iron drying oven side by side next to the vertical plates of sheet and glue the pressed product is obtained. However, natural products, the emergence of possible defects in the tree in front of the standard size, color and pattern, such as providing benefits to ayous or linden tree, such as natural soy Once the sheets are cut, special actions (size coloring paste, etc.) were re-inserted into the form index and the index obtained by the cut of the coating is called artificial or coating techniques. Side by side with adhesive coating sheets of artificial veneer is obtained. 30 mm or 03 mm of coating sheets of MDF sheets up when pressed to reveal the products referred to as MDFkap. the above mentioned natural and artificial wood plates and sheets of high-capacity presses plants were wrapped in sheets that chip (in the name of the market as suntan) on the plate by pressing YONkap and more lightweight plate with chips eco chip by pressing on the plate EKOkap Our products are manufactured products and furniture manufacturers, will be presented to the architects and decorators. One hundred or two hundred sheets to order the same or different patterns of trees ready for sale is made by packing container can be. Solid wood products are used entirely for the product. obtained by processing and drying of timber is free from defects such as color differences lamella is the snag has been the class is classified. According to the size of this lamella is separated by a long length of adhesive sheets to obtain side-by-side. All of the lamella side by side, the return is the massive one-size so lamel lamel size Woodpanel (edge glued panel) is a plate. short length of the integration of color and pattern, the first pass down finger (Finger Joint) method is added to each other and with the wooden elements are then glue side by side, hand pressed and plate to plate .Bu type commonly add the height woodpanel (finger jointed edge glued panel) is called. Natural wood panels that are packed by Emery receive woodpanel name. Selecting the most robust part of the timber, being in different aspects of life and means of production used in the D4 denaturalize from the properties of wood glue to the resistance is an extraordinary.